All orders will be dispatched by air freight within 24 hours to country of destination. From there, they will be carried on by registered post to your home address. Please note that we source our products from many distributors around the world with our major distribution centre located in Hong Kong. This is the most central location allowing us to deliver goods to our customers around the world.

Most destinations in the world within 7-10 postal working days. Some destinations within 4 postal working days. More unaccessible destinations within 14 postal working days.

Customers worldwide have the option of paying a small premium for delivery in 3-4 days by speedpost.

- Free shipping worldwide.
- Extra premium for speedpost delivery in 3-4 days.
- Dispatch details will be e-mailed to you immediately your order is sent.

Taxes and Duties

We currently regularly ship to customers in over 100 countries worldwide.

The majority of countries, particularly U.S.A., Australia, Japan, Korea, do not charge customs duty on small packages dispatched by air post.

Overall the world is moving towards free trade and we hope and anticipate this trend will continue and accelerate.