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All products sold on SkincareDirect.com.au are 100% genuine. There are NO fakes, imitations, copies, testers, knock offs or damaged goods


All prices are quoted in Australian Dollars on the website and in any other correspondence. Prices shown in any other currency are approximate only, and are subject to change.

Prices may be adjusted for any reason, and may vary at any time.

Use of Products

SkincareDirect.com.au accepts no liability for misuse of any skin care products sold through the SkincareDirect.com.au site, this includes allergic reactions to products sold on the SkincareDirect.com.au Website. By purchasing any of the goods listed on the SkincareDirect.com.au site purchases understand how the products are to be used and use them at their descretion

Illegal Use of Website

SkincareDirect.com.au accepts no liability for illegal or inappropriate use of the website. SkincareDirect.com.au policy is to not use the website for any illegal or inappropriate purpose. SkincareDirect.com.au cannot guarantee that the website will not be used for an illegal or inappropriate purpose by parties not employed by SkincareDirect.com.au.


The customer is deemed the importer of all products on the SkincareDirect.com.au website.


Only parties which can enter into legal contracts may purchase goods or services through SkincareDirect.com.au. A contract is made when a receipt is issued for payment of your transaction. SkincareDirect.com.au reserves the right to not supply an order if the product is unavailable, the price or description is incorrect, or for any other reason.

Provision of Information

The onus is on the purchaser to ensure that the correct information is provided to SkincareDirect.com.au. This includes name, address, contact numbers and email addresses. SkincareDirect.com.au accepts no liability or responsibility for issues or costs arising from incorrect information being supplied to SkincareDirect.com.au.

Title & Risk

Once they have been fully paid for, the ownership passes to the purchaser. The purchaser is deemed the importer of the goods. Responsibility to meet any laws, pay any duties, taxes or charges passes to the purchaser once the order has been dispatched.


Delivery times are suggestions only. SkincareDirect.com.au does not guarantee delivery within a set time period SkincareDirect.com.au is not responsible for the delivery of product, or for the time involved in the delivery of product. This is the responsibility and liability of the engaged delivery contractor. If the item is delayed or does not reach the intended destination within a period suggested by SkincareDirect.com.au, SkincareDirect.com.au will not refund, replace or compensate the purchaser. Products ordered may arrive at different times, by different delivery companies. Be aware that they are coming from different SkincareDirect.com.au distribution centres. Delivery Time is 4-10 working days.

Terms of Use

SkincareDirect.com.au publishes its terms of use via a link on each page. Use of the website is subject to the reading and agreement to the terms of use. If any purchaser disagrees with the terms of use, they must discontinue viewing and using of the website.

Third Parties

SkincareDirect.com.au is not responsible for the actions, statements or activities of any other website or service, even if this service is referenced, mentioned or linked to from the SkincareDirect.com.au website.


SkincareDirect.com.au displays products, however colours displayed on a screen vary and may not represent the exact colours in reality. SkincareDirect.com.au is not responsible or liable for any liability or loss incurred through the colours of the website not matching reality.


Any submissions between SkincareDirect.com.au and any customer is to be treated as a submission to SkincareDirect.com.au. By making any submission to SkincareDirect.com.au you are granting SkincareDirect.com.au absolute use of the material, ideas, materials, suggestions, concepts or comments and transferring ownership of ideas to SkincareDirect.com.au. SkincareDirect.com.au is not required to name the customer, compensate the customer or reward the customer in any way, unless required by law.


The user of the SkincareDirect.com.au web site shall at all times keep the owners and proprietors, employees and sub-contractors, of this web site indemnified from and against all claims, demands, actions, proceedings or prosecutions which may be brought, commenced or prosecuted against the owners and proprietors, employees and sub-contractors, or in which the owners and proprietors, employees and sub-contractors, may be involved in consequence of or relating to the manufacture, production, provision or supply of the goods by the user.

This indemnity will extend to all costs, damages and expenses incurred by the owners and proprietors, employees and sub-contractors in connection herewith.


SkincareDirect.com.au provides this site on an as-is basis and makes no representations of any kind for the operation of the web site, as well as for all information, products, materials and services as associated. To the extent of permissible law, we disclaim all warranties and representations. SkincareDirect.com.au does not warrant that any information available on the SkincareDirect.com.au website is accurate, current or complete.

SkincareDirect.com.au is not liable in any way for any damages arising from the use of this site. This limitation of liability applies to damages of any kind, including direct, indirect and incidental, loss of income, profit, data, property and claims by third parties.

SkincareDirect.com.au makes no warranty that the site will meet your requirements. The site will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or free of errors. The quality of products will meet or match your expectations any software issues will be rectified.


SkincareDirect.com.au asserts the right to the copyright of all aspects of the website, except the trademarks, slogans, logos or designs of the products displayed.

Modification of Terms of Use

SkincareDirect.com.au reserves the right to modify these terms of use at any time without notice SkincareDirect.com.au accepts no liability or responsibility as a result of these changes.

Modification of Services

SkincareDirect.com.au reserves the right to modify any service being offered at any time without notice SkincareDirect.com.au accepts no liability or responsibility as a result of these changes.


SkincareDirect.com.au does not guarantee refund of cash, credit or product as a result of any incident which may arise unless the product is damaged. If the product causes an allegy to the recipients skin, the product can not be returned to SkincareDirect.com.au for a refund or exhange. A refund is defined as the refunding of cash to a credit card, crediting an account or exchanging an item of equal value.

SkincareDirect.com.au may decide (at its discretion) to refund any item if:

- A request has been made to SkincareDirect.com.au.
- The date of purchase is 7 days or less from the date the return was requested
- The goods are damaged.
- The product requesting refund on has been purchased through SkincareDirect.com.au
- The refund meets our criteria for a refund
- The product is unused and the box is unopened
- The following qualify for a refund
- Product is not what was ordered
- SkincareDirect.com.au will incur no cost for any refund and all delivery costs back to SkincareDirect.com.au are at the expense and liability of the customer.

For items damaged, the refund must be taken as an exchange for original product purchased.

For returns please provide the following:

- Name and Address
- Email Address
- Original Order Number
- The reason for the return


Once an order has been placed and paid for there is no cancellation on the product.


Please email us at info@skincaredirect.com.au any time - day or night.


Please call (02) 9460 7873


Please fax (02) 9460 7873


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